How does a BitTorrent work?

How does a BitTorrent work?

BitTorrent is popular among gamers and hackers all over the world. A lot of people have this misconception about torrent sites that they are here only to download illegal and pirated stuffs. However, the truth is completely different as is commonly believed by people the world over. BitTorrent is a legal protocol that helps people to download large files quickly while using least bandwidth. Click this link to have a clear picture torrent torrent file sharing: a beginner’s guide – 8bitSumo.

How does a BitTorrent work?

Many users including the ones who are computer savvy do not know how BitTorrent works. It is important to know that this application does not run just like other traditional download programs. It is different and unique as it makes up downloading large files in lesser time possible. With this download protocol, large files are broken up in several small chunks or pieces which make it simpler to download them. It does not necessarily mean that a person has to download the whole file in order to be able to start sharing them. If someone has downloaded a certain part of the file then he can start sharing the same with other users which makes it unique.

Before you download any file with BitTorrent

When you intend to download any file with BitTorrent, you would need to first download its client on your desktop, laptop, or other device. It is not popularly known that torrent files can also be downloaded in smartphones. If you want to download in your computer, then you should find the right one for your system whether it is based upon Windows, Mac, or Linux.

How to download a file with BitTorrent?

Find the right torrent site

When your BitTorrent client is ready, you would have to find your required file from one of the many torrent sites available on the World Wide Web. It is important to be cautious as there are many sites that contain viruses and malicious content which will affect your computer. You must always download your torrent file from a reputed and safe website.

Let the download begin

When you have downloaded the torrent file, you should begin the download by adding the torrent file to the BitTorrent client. As you add it up there, you will be asked where to save the file. You should select your desired folder where you want the file to be saved and it will begin. You will notice that the downloading has begun.

After the completion of downloading process

When the downloading process has finished, you can let the file be added to the client so that other people can also benefit by you. The more people have any file attached to their client, the higher will be the number of seeds and leechers.

BitTorrent has helped many people download large files easily without worrying too much about sharing bandwidth. If you download with traditional programs, a lot of your bandwidth is shared making it difficult to do other works properly. There are several other tips and tricks that you must find out and apply in order to make the most out of BitTorrent.…

How Slow Internet Can Wreak Havoc On Your Gaming Experience?

How Slow Internet Can Wreak Havoc On Your Gaming Experience?

Online gaming is the continuously growing industry in today’s world. There are many advantages of playing online games. You can even make online gaming a part of your carrier if you love the gaming. If you are a regular gamer, you must have noticed that there are many expert gamers that have earned thousands of dollars just by winning online gaming tournament.

What can be more interesting than following such kind of incredible passion? However, there are only a few that have managed to follow this outstanding passion while others have compromised on their passion due to their personal problems. The gaming headset, gaming keyboard, and other gaming accessories are really important if you want to become a perfect gamer.

There is something more important that can prevent you from becoming a celebrity even if you have all other essential accessories available. Yes, we are talking about the internet speed that puts a significant impact on your gaming experience. Therefore, it is important that you purchase the high-speed internet for this purpose.

Here is the information that will guide you about how slow internet can wreak havoc on your gaming experience.


One of the major problems that many people face with slow internet is that their internet keeps disconnecting while they are playing the game. Thus, their gaming experience is badly affected and they can’t play the game properly. And they continuously keep losing the game due to a bad internet connection. There are many people that couldn’t afford high-speed internet in different parts of the world.

That’s why they stopped following their passion and started spending a boring life. If you can’t afford to the high-speed internet in your local area, you must consider buying the best CenturyLink modem in 2018 by AA as it can prevent your internet from disconnecting and it can provide you the perfect speed even if you are using a slow internet.

Online tournaments

You won’t be able to participate in most of the online tournaments because high-speed internet is the utmost requirement of many online tournaments. The slow speed internet causes a lot of interruption, therefore, the administration of online tournaments doesn’t allow the slow speed internet users to participate in the online tournaments. However, you can participate in the local tournaments that are organized at a lower scale.

Loading issues

Most of the slow internet users face the loading issues when they are trying to play a high-quality game. Usually, the high-quality games do not load on the slow internet and sometimes, the pixel quality is severely damaged when you are trying to load a high-quality game.…