5 Tips to Becoming Wealthy in 2018

5 Tips to Becoming Wealthy in 2018

If you want to become wealthy without making any kind of effort, then the best thing you can do is to become a dreamer because there is no other way that can help you become wealthy without making any effort. However, if you understand the meaning of becoming wealthy, then you have come to the right place because we are going to share some important tips to help you become wealthy in 2018.

These tips would help you fulfill your dreams and become wealthier.

Start an online store

The online stores are everywhere and there are many people that are making money from their online store. You won’t have to purchase the products unless you receive an order. Once the customer sends you an order, you can simply set the delivery to their home and they’ll pay the price for the product. And you’d receive the commission once they have purchased the product.

Building an online store is a lot easier nowadays because you won’t have to hire a programmer for this purpose. You can now build your own store by following a few steps.

Become a crypto trader

The crypto fever is everywhere and every day new coins are being introduced. You can start trading the coins that have become really famous. But you should properly understand all the strategies before you start your carrier as a crypto trader. Sometimes, you may lose your investment if you did not know all the strategies that are important for buying and selling the coins.

Become a gamer

The gamers have now started making money off of their passion. Now, they are participating in different online tournaments where they can win prizes worth of thousands of dollars. So, if you love playing games, you don’t need to go to any other profession because now you can choose gaming as a profession. However, you need to polish your skills regularly so that you can earn bigger prizes.

Continuing education

There are lots of platforms out there to help you learn how to grow your wealth. Some of the better ones include Udemy, which is well known and has courses in almost every genre.

Become a youtuber

No matter which profession you belong to, you can now become a youtuber and become wealthy in a very short span of time. You need to introduce a really interesting idea on the Youtube and you’d see that how early you become wealthy.…

What to look for in a premium file sharing site?

Internet has become a giant these days and it has made our lives easier than before. We can now easily communicate to our loved ones in any part of the world without any kind of interruption. Our message is now delivered within seconds to our loved ones. We can even share images and videos with our friends.

There are lots of apps available that provide us the opportunity to communicate with our loved ones but as the size of the files increase we realize that there are only a few apps that provide us the ability to share large size files.

As the file size increase the options for delivering the files start decreasing and there comes a time when we find not a single option to deliver our files. This where premium file sharing sites come into use. There are a few sites that provide this facility for free but their services are limited.

Cloud hosting is another solution for this situation but that’s useful for business only because that’s an expensive option for regular users. So, regular users can take advantage of premium file sharing sites that provide them the ability to share their files at affordable rates. You can share these uploaded premium files with anyone you want.

Here we’re going to talk about a few important elements that you need to keep in mind when choosing a premium file sharing site.


Reliability is very important in this situation. You need to make sure that the site you’re going to choose for sharing your information is reliable and trustworthy. Reliable sites guarantee you that your information will stay safe and no one will have access to your files but you.

You can share your login information with the person whom you want to provide the access to your files.


You must find out that what’s the maximum number of files that you can share on the premium file sharing site. You can read all the information about the site when you’re creating your uploaded premium account. There are sites that provide you the opportunity to share a limited number of files while there are others that provide you the opportunity to share unlimited files.

We strongly recommend that you choose the one that allows you to share unlimited number of files because there is no benefit of choosing those that provide you the limited services.

Uploading speed

Uploading speed is another important element that needs to be considered when you’re choosing a premium file sharing site because there are sites that take lots of time for uploading your files due to bad quality servers. Therefore, you must find a website that allows you to upload your files instantly without any delay.

These are the few important things that you must keep in mind when you’re going to buy the membership of a premium file sharing site.…

Bit Torrent File Sharing Technology In The Future

Bit Torrent is a brand new file sharing technology being used on a very wide scale for peer-to-peer file sharing. This technology has taken the internet by storm because of the uniqueness. It has been proved through research that this technology is responsible for 35% of internet traffic in the present times. It has been coined by Bram Cohen and it is used for the piracy of different files like television shows, movies and music.

Today, one can use Bit Torrent for downloading just about any movie or TV show that they want without commercials and completely free of cost. The files get stored on the hard drive of the computer ready to be watched whenever the user wants to. However, there are some legal restrictions that users need to be careful of; otherwise they can get into legal trouble.

How does Bit Torrent Work?

With the Bit Torrent technology continuing to mature and grow, it is being thought of that the limitations would be soon eliminated and this technology will become one of the major legal distributors of video content on the internet. Typically, the files downloaded using Bit Torrent are larger in comparison to the files on a standard P2P network.The P21P network is best used for downloading small files likes a single song. Alternatively, the Bit Torrent technology is generally used when file sizes are larger than normal and this is the case of full CDs and movies. It is to be noted that Bit Torrent even makes the effective use of client software like BitLord.

Users visit the Bit Torrent site for locating the .torrent file and once they are successful in finding the file, they download all the small files that contain information required for starting the download procedure. Download speed generally depends on the number of other users downloading the same file and the number of other users sharing the same file.

Bit Torrent in the Near Future

Attempts are being made on the makers of this file sharing technology to make it a legal tool for all the internet users who are interested in the download of large files. The relationship of Bit Torrent with the media companies is growing and even evolving continually. It is also to be noted that media companies are viewing Bit Torrent in the form of a definite value coming with low cost downloads and free content distribution features. By making use of the Bit Torrent technology, the content distribution firms can undercut services such as TiVo easily and even the TV cable services by charging less.


Studies have proved the fact that people will definitely use Bit Torrent in spite of the availability of free options on the web. This is due to the fact that this file sharing technology is used by very few people and the market for this product is underutilized.…