The needs of research and the requirements differ from assignment to assignment and there is no right way to do it. But certain methods have been proven to work which can make your efforts efficient and effective.

Choosing and developing a research topic

This is one of the tough and the most interesting things to do when you are doing your research paper. It is upto you to determine the keywords and search for potential terms that you might find interesting. Now that you have some topics in hand you need to first search and ensure that the topic you have chosen have credible sources which you can cite in your paper to make it more reliable.

Evaluating resources

It is important that you have a reliable resource and some of the things you can search for to find the right resources include the author, year of publication, edition and the publisher. With this you can move ahead and read the preface or the abstract and understand the intention of the author and it is up to you to decide if the resources are relevant to your topic. Try to use objective reasoning before and evaluate the books or sources that your resource has cited to gain a deeper knowledge about the subject.

Evaluating web resources

Sometime these websites have hidden agenda and it is your responsibility to identify the hidden motive for the site and use it into your educational benefit. Look for authority and reliability which is important if you are going to cite it as a source in your work. Also understand that there are not just books or internet to look at you can easily find a good resource from magazines, journals, photographs, paintings as well.  It is not just that there are many things one has to understand before they start with their research and if you are not able to you can easily buy research papers from, which can help you get the resources with relevant information which can make your college life much more easier and you can spend this time studying for your upcoming exams.

Citing sources

This is one of the most crucial part of writing a research paper which can help build reliability. There are many styles of citing which can range from American Psychological Association, Modern Language Association, Chicago manual of style. These are one of the most common type of formats where you can cite. If you are still unsure you can ask you professors or cite these resources in other formats.