Surveys have assumed a significant role in today’s world. In a world that is dominated by globalization and rampant modernization, it is supremely important that manufacturers of a particular product or service understand the pulse of their target buyers or audience and use that knowledge to stay ahead of the market curve. There are a few famous survey sites like inbox dollars which conduct surveys on a large scale. The world’s most prominent businesses always conduct a market survey before attempting to manufacture the product that is on their mind. Therefore, the importance of surveys, especially in this dog eat dog world cannot be refuted.

However, surveys are not just of prime importance to business people. It is also of paramount importance to academicians and scholars. They require conducting surveys for their research projects and dissertations to understand the behavior and opinions of the mass about specific issues. Therefore, the onus to learn about the various kinds of surveys is upon those who want to use them for a particular purpose. This article tries to shed light on the different types of surveys and their importance.

Market Research Survey

This is the first and foremost kind of survey that one needs to learn about. This kind of survey gives an insight into the reigning market trends and tries to understand what the market really expects out of a product or service. For example, before launching a new phone in the market, the manufacturers will probably conduct this survey to get wind of their target group’s opinions, needs, and expectations. This survey is beneficial as the manufacturers can use the knowledge obtained to their benefit, and this could further lead to a higher market value of the product that is launched later. A market research survey, like the name suggests, researches the market trend and is helpful to those who intend to launch something new in the market.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer satisfaction survey aims at gauging the satisfaction level of customers with a product. This goes hand in hand with customer feedback. If a customer is satisfied with a product or service, then the manufacturers should continue with their good work. However, if the customers are not completely satisfied with the product or service, then it is time to consider their feedback and take the necessary steps towards improving the quality of the product. A customer satisfaction survey holds paramount importance as the future of a product depends on its popularity among the customers.

Job Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction Survey

This is another kind of survey where the mindset of employees regarding their job is analyzed. If a particular job does not give satisfaction to the employees, then the growth of a company will be at stake. Employees are the spine of a company, and their happiness is of prime importance. Dissatisfied employees will not be able to work efficiently, and this will lead to lower outputs. As a result, the company will suffer massive losses. Thus, the job and employee satisfaction survey should be used by those employers who want their organization to scale greater heights of success.

There are several other kinds of a survey that one might want to read up and learn about. However, the aforementioned types of survey are the basics and it is essential that you know about them before embarking upon a project that requires the use of survey questionnaires.

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